Sword & Sorcery - Spawn Gates & God's Shrine Accessory Pack

Sword & Sorcery - Spawn Gates & God's Shrine Accessory Pack

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In each quest of Sword & Sorcery, you can find key locations, useful for your adventure or deadly for your characters: Spawn Gates and Gods' Shrines. This game provides new components that further improve the visual aspect of the game and the gameplay, replacing the cardboard version of these important places with three-dimensional pieces.

This add-on replaces the cardboard spawning doors and altars included in the normal version of the game with plastic miniatures, sized to fit our terrain tiles and designed to optimize the play area. 3D party token is also included, to mark the position of the heroes during the travel phase.

Hollywood maps are a special feature of this game: Magical weapons and enchanted armor inspired by classic movies - previously only available in the Kickstarter edition of Immortal Souls, and now revised and updated. These weapons include the new Ancient Chronicles feature - the minimum level to play with - and a price tag. While visiting an emporium in a distant city, you might find one of these items - at a price as legendary as the item!

This set also includes three exclusive cards inspired by the backers of the Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter campaign.

You can use this accessory in both the Immortal Souls campaign and the Ancient Chronicles campaign.

THIS IS NOT A FULL GAME. You must have a copy of Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls or the Ancient Chronicles base game to play.