Star Wars Legion: Wookiee Warriors (En)

Star Wars Legion: Guerriers Wookies (Fr)

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Despite their imposing size, Wookies are normally peaceful and proud. However, after years of suffering under Imperial rule, many Wookies have taken to the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War as members of the Rebel Alliance. Kashyyyk, the home planet of the Wookies has seen its share of intergalactic conflict over the past few decades, and the Wookies will do whatever it takes to protect their home. Although they have little presence on the battlefields, Wookies can quickly fly into a frenzied rage that the few surviving enemies will not soon forget. 2 to 3 hour game 2 players This expansion for STAR WARS: LEGION contains 4 finely sculpted Wookie Warrior miniatures, a special forces unit, as well as new Unit and Upgrade cards, to deploy on the battlefield. Requires Star Wars: Legion base game

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