Star Wars Legion Extension: Wookie Warriors Unit

Star Wars Legion Extension : Wookie Warriors Unit

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Add a formidable unit of mighty Wookiees to your Star Wars: Armies of the Legion with the Wookiee Warriors unit expansion! This large and imposing species possesses almost unmatched physical strength and ferocity. Now the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance can use their formidable skills.

The Wookiee Warriors unit expansion brings six Wookiee Warrior figures that can be assembled and used in a variety of ways, including as a close-range unit carrying ryyk blades and Kashyyk pistols or as a wookiee sniper unit firing X1 rifles. No matter how you put your miniatures together, four upgrade cards invite you to line up these units for the Republic and Rebel factions.

Additionally, a minifigure representing a Wookiee chieftain can enter combat as the Republic Commander, and a fifth unit card and three command cards allow them to further influence your strategy. Finally, eight upgrade cards invite you to customize your units with Wookiees carrying a variety of weapons.

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