Pathfinder 2e: Core Rulebook (En)

Pathfinder 2e : Core Rulebook (En)

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Over 600 pages of game rules, tips, character options, treasure, and more for players and game masters!
Six heroic player character ancestors, including elf, dwarf, gnome, goblin, halfling, and human, with varying legacies for half-elf and half-orc!
More than 30 backgrounds as a bartender, soldier or apprentice to immerse you further in the background of your hero!
Twelve character classes, including the alchemist, barbarian, bard, champion, cleric, druid, warrior, monk, prowler, thief, wizard and magician! 
Hundreds and hundreds of spells, class exploits, and other exciting abilities to help you customize your character to become the hero you envision!

Simplified and revised rules to facilitate the entry of new players into the game while providing the depth of character options and the tactical interest that defined Pathfinder from the start!

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