Folded Space: Tavern of Tiefenthal

Folded Space : Tavern of Tiefenthal

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Insert compatible with The Taverns of Tiefenthal® and the Open Doors® extension (Zimmer Frei!®). The design provides both efficient storage and enhanced play. Lots of trays can be used during play, and they help a lot with set-up and clean-up times. The rulers and boards act as a lid on top of the trays.

The trays are arranged in a maximum of two layers. For the second layer of trays, the larger tiles and dice coasters are stacked at the top end of the box. The two filling trays hold them in place and also position the boards on the other trays.

The insert includes trays to store and organize all game components. Each player receives their own player board with space for all parts and other small tiles from the different modules. The card trays are sized so that all cards can be sleeved.

There are two filler trays for the insert, used to hold the larger game tiles, and also to position other trays and insert boards in the box. Slot machines