Folded Space: Rising Sun

Folded Space : Rising Sun

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Insert designed for play with external box dimensions of 32,3 x 32,3 x 12 cm.
Insert compatible with Rising Sun®, Retail and Kickstarter editions. The design offers both efficient storage and improved play. Lots of trays can be used during play, and they greatly aid set-up and cleaning times. The rulers and tips act like a lid on top of the trays.
although this insert does not provide for vertical storage, the set contains many miniatures with protruding weapons which are likely to bend. For this reason, we recommend storing the game horizontally.

The table, clan screens and rulers are stored under the clan trays. This gives them a flat surface to sit on, as well as a cover on the trays below.

These are the boards for the Player's thumbnails, with separate boards for each faction. The trays for the Dragonfly and Turtle clans are unique, being designed specifically for minis of different sizes of these clans. The trays have spaces next to the wall of the tray to allow the mini bases to be inserted there.
Clan trays, and also medium-sized monster trays, work on the principle of having the base slot of the miniature in a space in the bottom of the tray next to the wall of the tray. This space holds the miniature in place by its base, and the height of the tray is such that when a cover is on top of the tray, the base cannot exit the space. Below you can see on the left a clan board full of miniatures, and on the right an empty board. The two compartments of the bin are different. The one on the left is for bushi miniatures and has an extra layer inside to lift them against the cover above and to hold on to their smaller bases. The right one is for Daimyo and Shinto miniatures which have a plastic ring base. Due to the size of the dragonfly thumbnails, the tray for them does not have a medium divider as seen above.