Folded Space: Pandemic + Extensions

Folded Space : Pandemic + Extensions

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Insert compatible with Pandemic® and On the Brink®, In the Lab® and State of Emergency® extensions. This design provides both efficient storage and improved play. The trays can be used during play, and they greatly facilitate assembly and disassembly times.

The insert is arranged in a maximum of two layers, with the five Petri dishes arranged on the right side of the dish. Note that two of the Petri dishes are placed on a portion of the tray in the lower right of the image, which is used to store the reward and quarantine markers. Each differently colored disease cube and the healing markers are placed in the corresponding colored Petri dish.

All types of components are divided by type, which helps organize all the components of the game. There is space for the cards to be put in sleeves.

As mentioned above, the insert trays completely fill the base set box. The trays, rulebooks, and bioterrorist locator block should be stored separately in one of the expansion boxes, as shown here.