Folded Space: Paladins Of The West Kingdom

Folded Space : Paladins Of The West Kingdom

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Insert designed for games with external box dimensions of 23,1 x 23,1 x 7,0 cm.

Insert compatible with Paladins of the West Kingdom®. This design provides both efficient storage and improved play. Most trays can be used during play, and they greatly facilitate set-up and take-down times. Rulers and planks act as a cover on top of the platters.

Note that due to the need for space for pocket cards and the amount of boards included in the set, the lid will lift up 2,3cm when the box is fully loaded. More information on this below.

When you put the game away and pack the box, first place the start of game marker on one of the decks of cards. Then place all the elements of the game board on top of the boards as a cover. In addition to that, there is the rulebook. This allows the lid of the box to be filled squarely to the top and allows for vertical storage.