Folded Space: Istanbul

Folded Space : Istanbul

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Insert designed for games with external box dimensions of 22,8 x 31,7 x 7,5 cm.
This insert is designed to be Istanbul® compatible and includes space for Mocha & Baksheesh® and Letters & Seals® extensions. The design offers both efficient storage and improved play. Lots of trays can be used while playing, and they greatly aid set-up and clean-up times. The rulers act as a cover on top of the trays.

There is room for all sleeve cards.
The two large trays for place and wheelbarrow tiles are intended to remain in the game box and not be removed for play. The one containing the mounds has the space of the two player room trays to be stored on top mounds as shown.
Insert features:

Two player trays pieces
Two large platters of square tile and wheelbarrow
Two mosques and tiles on demand
Two card and gem / coffee trays
A coin and wheelbarrow extension tray
A kiosk and a letter tile tray