Folded Space: Dnd Lords Of Waterdeep

Folded Space : Dnd Lords Of Waterdeep

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Insert designed for play with external box dimensions of 35.9 x 28.3 x 7.3 cm.
Insert compatible with Lords of Waterdeep® and Scoundrels of Skullport® expansion. The design offers both efficient storage and improved play. Lots of trays can be used during play, and they greatly aid set-up and cleaning times. The rulers and tips act like a lid on top of the trays.
The trays allow the storage of each type of card separately, as well as the building tiles. There are separate boards for each player, so they can take their colored pieces and use in the game. The cube adventurer also has separate slots for easy access.

The board boards are removable and can be used during the game. There is room for all cards from the original game and the quality sleeve expansion. We use FFG sleeves in the tests.

The building boards have slots on the side for easy access, and can also be used during play to keep the tiles tidy.
Insert has two vertical trays for cards. These are for the Lord's cards, and again everything can be sheathed. these two boards are higher than the others and keep the game board in place in the box.

There are two trays to store the four types of adventurer cubes.
There are also two trays for storing skulls and other tokens.
There are six boards for each player piece. Two other trays of similar size are for storing coins and gemstones.
The boards are all made to be used during the game. They can be removed and placed directly on or around the game board.
The game boards and rule books fit perfectly into the recess left above the two layers of the board. With the box cover flush with the bottom, the game can be easily transported and stored vertically without any problem.