Folded Space: Cyclades

Folded Space : Cyclades

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Insert designed for play with outside dimensions of the box 39,5 x 27,6 x 8 cm.
Insert compatible with Cyclades®, and extensions Titans®, Monuments®, Hades®, Hécate® and Ancient Ruins®. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. The trays can be used during the game, and they greatly facilitate preparation and storage times.
With divine favor, the great gods and the upper layer of the trays removed, you can see the second layer of trays below.
There are trays for storing prosperity markers, divine artifact figures, mainland and building tiles. Each can be placed around the board within easy reach of the players.

There are six trays for player coins, one for each faction color. There is space in each of them to store the figurines of the Titans® expansion. The trays are divided to store the tokens of offerings, ships and territories separately from other figurines.

There are trays for all the remaining figurines. Monsters and heroes have separate boards. There are two trays for the miniature of the monument and one for the figurines and the dice of the living dead. The last board is a spare board which can be used to store faction color dice if you have any.
The last trays are intended for large cards and gold coins. The card trays are large enough to hold the sleeved cards, and there are two separate golden trays so that they can be placed on either side of the board during play.

The boards and rulers are placed on the trays which act as a cover, allowing the game to be stored vertically. This game has lots of boards and large tiles, and it's important to stack them properly to allow the box lid to close flush with the bottom of the box.

First of all, the two folding tables from the main game, which follow each other, the small folded pieces being placed together. He is followed by the great council of the Titans. Then there is the extension of the folded tile board from the original game, with the alternative tile board on top. Player screens and rules go last. If you have fabric bags upgraded, these can also be added to one side of the rulers.