Folded Space: Anachrony

Folded Space : Anachrony

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Insert designed for play with outside dimensions of the box 42,0 x 29,2 x 10,2 cm.
Insert compatible with Anachrony®, and the Exosuit Commander Pack® extension. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. The trays can be used during the game, and they greatly facilitate preparation and storage times.
Insert is designed to work with the plastic tray supplied with the Exosuit Commander Pack®, and the Insert trays go on top of this tray. Here you can see the plastic tray below. Thus, Insert can be made with less material and therefore at a more competitive price, and you can also store painted models safely.

The boards and rulers are placed on the trays which serve as a cover, allowing the game to be stored vertically. This game has lots of boards and large tiles, and it's important to stack them properly to allow the box lid to close flush with the bottom of the box.
First, the folded motherboard. Then, the folded planks of the apocalypse and the adventure, and to the left of these are stacked the planks of improvement and progression of the exosuits, with the notepad on top. The level is thus brought to the same height as the next layer of trays, so that players' trays can be placed on top. Then there are the security and evacuation committees, and finally the rules.