Folded Space: Altiplano

Folded Space : Altiplano

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Insert designed for a game whose outside dimensions of the box are 31,7 x 22,7 x 7,2 cm.
Insert compatible with Altiplano®, and The Traveler® extension. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. Many trays can be used during the game, and they greatly facilitate the installation and release times. The rulers and the point of sale table serve as a cover on the trays.
There are three separate trays, one for the pieces, one for the food tiles and one for the point markers. There is a large tray for the vertical storage of game cards, which can all be slid into a sheath. And there are two trays for the storage of fabric, wool, alpaca, silver, ore and stone slabs.
The lower layer of the boards uses the card containers that come with the game. These containers are used to store the extensions, separating the tiles A, B, C and D, and finally the tiles 3+, 4+, 5+ and the alpaca player’s small starting tile. The Insert provides a tray that fits the containers and contains the player's pieces.
The game boards must be placed in the box in the following order. First action boards, then warehouses and VP overview tiles. Then there are the little location tiles and the travel strips. They are followed by the larger slots and the extension strip. Then there are the dashboards and asset summary sheets.
The rules of the game, the exchange point and the large alpaca player marker are at the top. These will completely fill the game box and allow the game to be stored vertically.