Folded Space: A Feast For Odin

Folded Space : A Feast For Odin

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Insert designed for play with external dimensions of the box of 31,2 x 22,4 x 11,7 cm
Insert compatible with A Feast for Odin ®, and mini-expansion® of Lofoten, Orkney, and Tierra del Fuego. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. Many trays can be used during the game, and they greatly facilitate the installation and release times. There is room for all cards to be put in a pocket.
Insert is designed to use the black plastic trays which accompany the game and which allow to store the other elements of the game. Here you can see the upper layer of the trays, with the square tiles in the shape of an island board in the corner lower right which serve as a cover on the trays below. There is space for the two expansion island tiles.