Folded Space: Aeon's End V2

Folded Space : Aeon's End V2

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Note: The stand is designed for a game with the outside dimensions of the box 28,0 x 28,0 x 9,0 cm.

The tray is compatible with Aeon's End® and can accommodate many extensions. It can hold 840 enveloped cards or 1 non-enveloped cards. The media is also compatible with Aeon's End: War Eternal® and Aeon's End: The New Age® games. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. Most trays can be used while playing, and they make setting up and storage a lot easier. The rulers act as a cover on the trays.

When used with the Aeon's End: The New Age® version of the game, the board layout is slightly different.

Four chip trays are supplied with the insert. They can be used in different ways, depending on your collection. The larger open board on the left is best suited for red dice and larger tokens. The other larger tray at the end, with the divider, is more suitable for plastic gemstones.

There are two large card trays. They have no base and are meant to stay in the game box. The trays have room for pocket cards and card dividers.

The large main board also has no base and must remain in the game box. All card slots are provided for pocket cards and for game card dividers. This board also holds the tiles. yellow from the breach.

The last card tray is an unusual tray for Folded Space, as it is stored on its side in the box. The board has a base and space for pocket cards. Card dividers do not fit this board, but in any case we recommend that you use it only for crystal cards, so that its contents are clear.

Player and Nemesis Mats are placed in the corner of the box as shown. The two dials of life are placed above them. There is enough space in the design for all play mats and their extensions.

The box of Aeon's End: The New Age® has very slightly smaller internal dimensions, which means that the arrangement of the trays had to be adapted for this version. Here, the larger open chip tray is not needed and is placed upside down at the bottom of the box as a filling tray. The other token trays are placed on top and can be slipped into the space reserved for the playmats. We also recommend that you place the crystal card tray in the box first, this time placing the mats by. -above.

When you put the game away and pack the box, all the trays and mats are placed as shown, followed last by the rule books. The box is thus filled to the top and allows vertical storage of the game.