Dungeons & Dragons: Spellbook Cards Arcane 2nd Edition (En)

Dungeons & Dragons : Spellbook Cards Arcane 2nd Edition (En)

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Contains 257 durable and layered cards for all level 1 to 9 magicians, wizards and wizards spells and cantrips. A perfect reference tool for all types of spellcasters.
This spell card game is an invaluable resource for any magic user.

The spell name and important information are easy to find for quick reference.
The descriptive / mechanical text is written in its entirety as far as possible. When this is not the case, a Player manual page reference is given.
Scaling spells have an additional section with details on how they improve.
Back card prominently display the spell level for easy sorting.
Spell cards are very durable and are made to last. Each card has a coating that protects them and makes them safe to use with dry erase markers.

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