Folded Space: Scythe

Folded Space : Scythe

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Note: The stand is designed for games where the outer box dimensions are 37,0 x 30,0 x 10,2 cm.

The tray is compatible with Scythe® and the Invaders from Afar® extension. The design allows for both efficient storage and improved play. Most trays can be used while playing, and they make setting up and storage a lot easier. The rulers act as a cover on the trays.

There are seven player boards, with separate slots for miniatures and player tokens. The eighth board contains the battle cards and bonus tiles in one space and the other tokens in the other. Battle cards can all be pocketed.

The coin slots are divided to have separate slots for each coin size. The two resource trays separate each of the four types of resources.

The other tops of the top layer are for mid-size cards, encounter tokens, and multiplier tokens. There is room to store all the cards.

The two tarot sized card trays have room to separate encounter and factory cards. Again, there is room to store all the cards in quality sleeves.

The height of the two tarot card trays is designed to reach the top of the box. This leaves a carefully measured space for the board and rule books.

All of the boards can be used in-game to help organize components during the game, as well as to speed up set-up and tear-down times.

The player trays provide space for additional combat dials. There is room on top of the player boards for three dials, and four additional dials can now be stored underneath by sliding into the top of the player boards.

If you only have the two battle dials that came with the original game, you need to shift the game piece boards as shown here. This helps support the trays that will be placed on top.