Betrayal At House On The Hill Extension: Widow's Walk (En)

Betrayal At House On The Hill Extension : Widow's Walk (En)

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Betrayal at House on The Hill: Widow's Walk is the first expansion to the classic horror and betrayal board game. Twenty new rooms to explore, including the Solarium and the Storm cellar. There is a fourth level - the roof, including rooms such as the Treehouse, and more ways to travel between floors.

In addition to new monsters, items, omens, events, walk Widow's comes with fifty new haunts written by an all-star cast of who's who of gaming, including Rob Daviau, Jonathan Gilmour, Max Temkin, Jerry Holkins and Anita Sarkeesian.

Buy walk Widow for a new twist on your classic game. Enter if you dare. Exit if you can ...

  • 12+
  • 3 - 6
  • 60 min
  • English