Ascension Extension: Gift Of The Elements (En)

Ascension Extension : Gift Of The Elements (En)

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Ascension: Gift of the Elements is the eleventh standalone game in the Ascension series, although the game can be combined with other titles to play with up to six players. This set sees the return of the events of Storm of Souls and Immortal Heroes; events enter the game via the central deck and create an immediate impact for all players. However, unlike previous games, events can now be acquired and transformed into powerful hero cards.

This game introduces two new mechanisms: infest and empowerment. Infest lets you play with an opponent's deck, forcing them to draw unnecessary cards. This gameplay feature can slow down a player who jumps early and introduces a strategic element not seen in previous series. Players can counter this infestation with Empower cards. When the player acquires an Empower card, he can banish a card played this turn (i.e., using the card, then eliminating it). This additional flexibility creates a lasting impact in every game.

  • 13+
  • 1 - 4
  • 60 min
  • English