Andor Extension: Chada & Thorn (Fr)
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Andor Extension : Chada & Thorn (Fr)


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The cooperative card game for two brave heroes! Chada, l'Archère and Thorn, le Guerrier leave from the northern tip of the Terres d'Argent to reach the south of the island.
From there, the Dwarves can help them regain the kingdom of Andor. Along the way, the Heroes must meet ever greater challenges because the Curse of Varatan, sinister threat, pursues them ...
But together, they can arrive safely and go on exciting adventures.
Principle of the game: Throughout this epic, you will have to cooperate and move forward together to hope to see again the green plains of the Kingdom of Andor. Each in turn, you choose to activate one of the 3 cards placed in front of you.
Once the card is activated, you must put it back on the bottom of the stack. You can then move, fight, or activate a special ability.
Be careful, if the curse catches up with you, or a hero arrives too late at the destination, the game is lost!

  • 10+
  • 2 - 4
  • 60 min
  • French