Alchemist: The King's Golem (Fr)

Alchimiste : Le Golem Du Roi (Fr)


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Welcome to the world of alchemists!

But what are my colleagues doing? They have been locked up in their laboratories for weeks, only leaving it to go discreetly to the Royal Library. Would they also work to solve the enigma posed by the King? Idiots ! The formulas they are looking for in the Royal Encyclopedia were written by my hand! I am the only one who knows the true nature of the mandrake root, so I will be the only one who succeeds in bringing the King's Golem to life!

The King's Golem contains 4 add-ons that can be combined in different ways: Starting Financing allows players to customize their initial resources. Studious Days changes the start of each round. The Royal Encyclopedia offers a whole new way of publishing your research. The Golem Project is a new deduction challenge. Can you bring this shapeless mass of clay to life?

  • 13+
  • 2 - 4
  • 120 min
  • French