7 Wonders: New Edition Extension - Leaders (Fr)

7 Wonders : Nouvelle édition Extension - Leaders (Fr)

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Leaders offers you a new wonder and 36 Leader cards that trigger a new phase of play at the start of each age and that bring new ways of playing.

This expansion of 7 Wonders offers you the possibility of placing great personalities at the head of your civilization: the leaders.

Represented by 36 new cards, they will influence, each in their own way, the development of your city. The course of the game is slightly modified, but the victory conditions remain identical to those of the base game.

At the start of each age, each player selects one of their leaders to place it in front of them (paying its cost), to discard it to earn 3 coins or to build a level of their wonder. These leaders bring victory points, military or scientific symbols, discounts for playing cards, coins, etc.

In the New Edition:

• A larger box finally agreeing with the other formats of this range!
• A new blanket bringing the box of 7 Wonders up to date!
• A new golden logo, because it's class!
• Larger wonders for better readability and better map layout.
• A day side and a night side for each wonder, allowing players to immerse themselves even more in the wonderful ancient world offered by 7 Wonders.
• New chaining icons for better readability and increased understanding of the game.
• A clearer arrangement of icons, allowing a clarification of the maps and a better understanding of them.
• A rewrite of the rules to make them even easier to understand.

  • 10+
  • 3 - 7
  • 40 min
  • French